Journalism, war and animal activism, an interview with Diana Darke and Alaa Aljallel (The cat man of Aleppo)

About Alaa Aljaleel  Alaa Aljaleel also known as “the cat man of Aleppo” is probably the most famous animal rescuer and animal rights activist today. He […]

Frijot Capra – The Systems View of Life and Contemporary Education

    1.Interviewer Zélia Bora: Professor Capra, his bestseller The Tao of Physics (1975), became his inspiration that gave us a new concept of life. He […]

Craig Russell – Literature and Ecocriticism

About Craig Russell  Craig Russell is a Canadian author. His 2016 novel, Fragment, a world-spanning eco-thriller, was selected by Yale University’s Climate Connections for their 2017 climate-fiction reading list. […]

Joachim Curtius – The Science of Climate Change latest concerns

About Prof. Dr. Joachim Curtius  Joachim Curtius is Professor from Goethe Universität, Frankfurt,  Germany at Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences –Department. He has PhD. in Nuclear […]

Lisa Kemmerer – Animals and Buddhism

  About Lisa Kemmerer  Lisa Kemmerer professor of philosophy and religions at Montana State University Billings, is a philosopher – activist working on behalf of nonhuman […]

Carol Berman – Rethinking the relationship between humans and non humans

About Carol Berman (THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, SUNY): Dra. Carol Berman has a Ph.D in Animal Behavior, from the Cambridge University, England, under Robert Hinde. She also […]