Zélia Monteiro Bora – President and Editor JILE


Professor of Brazilian Studies- Graduate Program at Federal University of Paraiba.
Ph.D in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies – Brown University (1994-1998); Post-Graduate Research- University of California Berkeley (2006-2007)-ternational Fellowship AAUW Foundation (2006-2007). Fulbright Visiting Professor at theUniversity of California, Berkeley (2012). Research themes: Identity, Culture, Memory, Ecocriticism and Animal Ethics.

Evely Vânia Libanori – Vice President


Professor of Brazilian Literature at the Department of Linguistic and Literary Theories at State University of Maringá; Adjunct Coordinator-Graduate Program in Letters (PLE). Holds a PhD and M.A. from UNESP/Assis. Research themes: Identity, Culture, Ecocriticism and Animal Studies.



Ivana Alencar Peixoto Lianza da Franca – Treasurer


PhD in Literature and Culture – Federal University of Paraiba (2015); M.A. Federal University of Paraiba (2000); Specialization in English Language and Anglo-American Literature (1991) –Federal University of Paraiba. Research Themes: Post-Colonial
Literatures, English for Specific Purposes and textual genres.

Sueli Meira Liebig – Deliberative Council of ASLE Brasil


Adjunct Professor-State University of Paraiba; Graduate Program in Literature and Intercultural Studies- PhD in Comparative Literature -Federal University of Minas Gerais. M.A. Federal University of Paraiba Specialization in English Language- FURNe. Research themes:  Anglo-America Literature, Afro-American Literature, and Ecocriticism.



Márcio Matiassi Cantarin – Deliberative Council of ASLE Brasil

Professor at Technological Federal University of Parana (UTFPR), Curitiba.
Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Language Studies. He is also part of the research teams at CLEPUL (FLUL – Lisbon) and Ecocritical Studies, Federal University of Parana (GECO-UFPR). PhD in Letters/Literatures of Portuguese Language and Literary Theory (2011), Post-Graduate Studies at University of Lisbon (2016-2017). Fields of Research: Literature of Portuguese Languages and Theory of Literature.

Raquel Alves Ishii – Deliberative Council

Assistant Professor of English Language – Federal University of Acre. Fields of Research: Post-colonial Literatures, Travel Literature and Ethnocentric Discourses on the Amazonian region.


Miguel Nenevé – Deliberative Council

Professor at Federal University of Rondônia/ Department of Foreign Languages –Graduate Program in Languages and Diversity at Federal University of Acre. PhD in English – Federal University of Santa Catarina(1996); Post-Graduate Research in Translation Studies ( York University – Toronto, 2001-2);Post-Graduate Studies in Caribean Literatures (University of Guyana, 2009-2010). M.A Federal University of Paraiba (1986).Themes of Research: Post-Colonial Literatures, Travel Literature, Canadian Literature and  Ecocriticism.

Helio Rodrigues da Rocha – Deliberative Council

Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Rondônia (UNIR), Department of Foreign Languages; PhD in Theory and Literary Historiography (UNICAMP) and Post- Graduate Studies in Social History (UFRJ). Research Themes: Travel Literature, Amazonia and Cultural Translation.



PhD in Theory of Literature and Literary
History.Professor of Brazilian Literature at the Federal University of Rondônia at Departament of Vernacular Studies and Graduate Program in Philosophy. Currently conducts research on
human and non-human subjects in Amazonian indigenous narratives and literatures


Robson Teles Gomes – Deliberative Council

Professor at Catholic University of Pernambuco UNICAP/PPGCL, VicePresident of Cultural Institute Osman Lins; Ph.D in Literature and Culture –Federal University of Paraiba. Themes of Research: Dramaturgy and Juvenile Literature.





Siddharth Singh Monteiro Bora – Legal Advice

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-12 at 12.53.43M.A in Criminology – Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (UCES)-Argentina. Themes of Research: Green Crimes, Evironmental Law and Animal Rights






Graduate Student Representatives


Antonio Felipe Barbosa Neto

B.A in Portuguese Language and Literatures UFPB, M.A Literature and Culture- PPGL/UFPB. Part of research theme –Literature and Ecocriticism CNPQ –UFPB.





William Dolberth 

M.A Student at the Graduate Program of Literature and Other Languages –Federal University of Paraná